A New Generation of Shock Wave Therapy in Austin, Texas

 Shock Wave Therapy Treatments With FDA Approved Devices, Offered in Our Austin, Texas Treatment Center

Proven & Effective

Shock Wave Therapy has been studied extensively over the last 20 years and is proven to successfully treat numerous injuries, healing the injury for long-term results.

No Downtime

Regenerative healing without the risks or downtime of surgery.  Shock Wave Therapy is a non-invasive, outpatient treatment that gets you back to work, life, and fitness quickly.

Our Guarantee

We are satisfied only when you are satisfied, so we stand behind our treatments 100% with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. Go to our About page for details.

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We are Austin’s Leading Shock Wave Therapists

You no longer have to live with the pain or loss of function that can reduce your quality of life; or face the risks, drugs, and downtime associated with surgery.  At Sonex, we specialize in treating numerous injuries with Shock Wave Therapy, the non-invasive treatment that has been proven to be more effective than surgery. We leverage over 20 years of Shock Wave Therapy experience to provide our clients with the latest and most effective treatments that get results.  Only Sonex utilizes fully FDA Approved devices, having passed the stringent FDA process to prove both safety and efficacy. With Sonex, you know you are getting the best so let us help you get back to life quickly.

We are Shock Wave Therapy Specialists

Sonex treats a variety of musculoskeletal and urologic conditions with our OrthoWave, OsteoWave, and CorporaWave treatments. We use targeted, high and low energy, acoustic waves from outside the body to:

  • Break down scare tissue, calcification, and plaque
  • Increase blood flow through vascular growth
  • Stimulate the release of Stem Cells and Growth Factors
  • Supercharge the body’s regenerative healing process

Shock Wave Therapy been proven to be extremely safe and effective at relieving chronic conditions and is used extensively around the world for powerful pain relief and regenerative healing without the risks or costs associated with drugs and surgery.

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